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Executive Team

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Ken McGraw

Chief Executive Officer

Ken brings a depth of experience in banking, finance, and Business development to Midnight. Ken was founder and CEO of a successful nationwide  banking operation and a multi-state brokerage firm. Both of his former companies have reached multi-million-dollar valuations and employed 1000s of people. his understanding of markets and business development bring the leadership and experience necessary to lead Midnight Gaming to continued growth.  Ken founded Midnight Gaming and has raised millions of dollars for the company and developed the esports media division reaching millions of viewers today.

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Kinney McGraw III

Chief Gaming Officer

Kinney is an Esports industry veteran brining the technical and practical knowledge of the esports industry to Midnight Gaming. .  Kinney is founder of GG Consulting, an esports consulting firm that helps small companies grow and large companies become more valuable in the Esports industry. Kinney is in high demand as an industry expert to  global esports organizations who need the most current and relevant technical advice and who seek organizational training to grow their esports brand  become more competitive and valuable to investors. 

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Jerry Caloroso

Chief Media Officer

Jerry has a vast creativity, knowledge, experience and specialists in:

Channel brand creation

Multi-screen app development

Streaming websites

CDN Management

Digital Media

TV App Development

Membership systems

Subscription systems

All things video





Visual effects and motion graphics

Graphics design

Live video streaming for music

Print, digital and broadcast television producer

Commercial production

Editorial and print media design

Brand marketing

Project and logistics management

Augmented reality marketing

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Matthew Robertson

Chief Av Officer

Matthew has over 20 years in the Video capture and Production industry

EA/LA || Freelance Video/audio producer

Matthew Robertson is a skilled editor and videographer that thrives on creative expression through use of motion, music, and cinematography.

Freelancing for over 14+ years he has had the pleasure to work with a wide range of clients from Grammy nominated music artists, corporate commercials, top podcasts on iTunes, viral YouTube hits and more. 

He excels at creating energy and excitement through his videos with a unique modern style. 

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Whitney Kennett

Network Executive Producer

Whitney has over twenty years of experience in Television production.

Whitney’s credentials include ESPN, FOX SPORTS, CNN, WARNER MEDIA. 

Whitney has produced and directed many well known shows. 

Whitney is the  producer, director and content supervisor over GTV actors, content creators and channel providers.

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Michael Szymczyk

Chief Videographer and Director

Michael Szymczyk has been making films since he was 15. 

As an undergrad, he studied film at Columbia and foreign languages and philosophy at University of Illinois after which he attended Loyola University in Chicago for graduate school. 

While pursuing a MBA there, he worked at Lyric Opera of Chicago and managed their email and internet marketing and was responsible for filming each opera.

He took the knowledge he gained there and brought it to life with his first startup, which specializes in online marketing and video production services.

 He speaks German and French as well as a bit of Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Latin.

GTV E-Jays

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Allison Grischow

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Angelique Kate

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Cooper Bohn


Kevin Costello

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Paige Bourne

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Philip Simkins