Connected TV Ad Services for All Brands! Big and Small.

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Reach highly targeted buyers where and when they consume their TV programming through OTT/CTV

Premium placements on TV & the worlds best sites.

Vis now accessible to brands b·g and sma .

GTV Reach CTV is a breakthrough marketing tool that’s created new opportunities for small

businesses and new capabilities for big brands.

For the first time ever, GTV Reach CTV enables anyone, with any sized budget to place Connected TV video ads across the biggest channels.

Before, only big brands wi h long timelines and massive budgets had access to TV inventory. We hink that’s ridiculous, so we buil a tool to level the playing 1eld.

Now with GTV Reach CTV platform, any company can tap into sophisticated networks and channels without the tedious media timelines, or the enormous costs of traditional TV ad campaigns.

Our users have a dedciated success team to control their own media spend placement and targeting with ease and speed resulting in performance that meets and regularly exceeds industry standards.

Cross Channel Marketing

Your show and brand offers are advertised on GTV Reach CTV Partner Channels.

Connected tv advertising everything you need to know.
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Place video on Connected TV's best channels.

GTV Reach CTV places hyper-targeted video at scale on the largest and most frequently watched channels in the world like NBC. ESPN, and TBS.

Through our partnerships with the leading media and tech companies. GTV provides access to 64% of U.S. households hrough Connected TV devices.

This access spans all verticals and we offer our users these placements at a fraction of the cos of most media buys.

We work with he biggest and best in the industry and now G.TV Partners do too.


Your Show Promo & Brand On
Premium Media Properties

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AMC including

Discovery includ·ng

ESPN including

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Scripps including

Entertainment including

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